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From the ground up, Temple Development can provide or coordinate master-planning, land development, engineering, architectural and landscape design services, and would happily discuss the opportunity of a joint venture with land owners. Temple Development maintains tight controls that translate into well-managed schedules, saving time and money.


Temple Construction Companies includes General Contracting at its core, Tenant Improvements and Remodels. Whether it be a house flip, small renovation, new or existing pool, roof, patio, windows, doors or solar, Temple Construction can help you through the planning, permitting and design of the project. We are recognized as a leading general contractor of tenant improvements, low to mid-rise commercial projects, remodels, resort homes and development of immaculate custom homes. 


We will always jump at an opportunity to create, execute and construct the design of any project whether inside or out. We feed off our clients through our design team to ensure we're creating something you'll be proud to show off and inspire your lifestyle.



Temple Construction has evolved into a highly qualified family of companies which includes general contracting at it's core, inherently providing a wide range of construction capabilities and expertise. Licensed in California and Nevada, Temple Construction Companies are recognized as a leading general contractor of tenant improvements, low to mid-rise commercial projects, remodels, resort homes and development of immaculate custom homes. 


Headquartered in Palm Springs California, Temple Construction Companies are solid, well-managed and extremely versatile, offering a wide variety of capabilities to ensure the success of each endeavor. The company has drawn from the vast experience of Mark Temple's father, James F. Temple, a general contractor and developer who started in 1956. Mark A.Temple Construction, Inc. has continued this proud tradition and today the Temple name remains synonymous with outstanding quality, craftsmanship and value. 


Founded in 1983, Temple Construction has an enviable and unparalleled track record for completing projects on time and within budget. Our firm has earned the respect of peers and the trust of clients. The wide range of expertise that Temple Construction has accumulated, offers innovation and exceptional flexibility. 


Working in concert with virtually any owner/contractor relationship, Temple Construction Companies can provide or coordinate master-planning, land development, engineering, architectural and landscape design services, all integrated and managed by our skilled professional team. Temple Construction Companies joins forces with the owner and architect to develop the finest projects in the most cost-efficient manner. Our approach to this relationship is one of honesty and proficiency. We work hard to discover opportunities for savings, as well as uncover potential problems before they become expensive mistakes. 


Temple Construction Companies maintains tight controls that translate into well-managed construction schedules, saving time and money. Temple Construction Companies are fully equipped to perform a wide range of general contracting functions. Expert field level control is combined with advance in-house administration, to include scheduling, estimates and job cost accounting. Temple Construction Companies operates at maximum efficiency, with skillful management of the project entrusted to us by our clients. Please contact us and see why prestigious publications have called us "The Mavericks and Masters of Building and Development."


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Jobs Created
La Mirada





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 760-323-5310 or fill out the following form


699 Indian Trail

Palm Springs, CA 92264



Tel: 760-323-5310

Get a quote: 760-323-5310
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